Focus on speed

Duration: Around 80 minutes
Bear in mind: The ski trail should be compact to avoid sinking heavily into the snow when you push off.

15-minute warm up

  • Skate in a relaxed manner in easy terrain to warm up.

Gradient skating for 15 minutes

  • Fluidly adapt the step types to the hilly terrain.
  • Continuously increase the tempo for 30-40 seconds at each terrain transition (from a descent to an ascent, from an ascent over the crest to a descent).
  • Repeat the whole exercise 3-4 times and skate at a pleasant tempo for 3-4 minutes in between.

Sprint for 15 minutes (series 1) - 5 x10 sec

  • Find a flat, easy, and clear section of the route and draw a start and finish line in the snow with your pole.
  • Start from a standing position at your own or your training colleague’s command.
  • Take 3-4 asymmetric steps then switch to the 1:1 style until you reach your maximum speed.
  • Wind down and slowly skate back to the start. Start every 3 minutes.
  • Variant 1: after starting, only double-pole for 10 metres then switch to the 1:1 style.
  • Variant 2: complete the total distance in only one step type, e.g., 1:1 style or double poling.

Active break for 10 minutes

  • Skate in a relaxed manner using the poles, switch your focus and “shake out your legs & arms”.

Sprint for 15 minutes (series 2)

  • Find hilly terrain.
  • Skate one lap at an endurance tempo.
  • Then, depending on the terrain, switch to an 8-12 second sprint every 2-3 minutes over a terrain transition.
  • Select different transitions.

Skate in a relaxed manner for 10 minutes to wind down

  • Feel the cold air in your lungs once again and slowly make your way home.