Focus on stamina/intensive endurance

Duration: 70 minutes
Focus: deliberately switching between the different skating speeds.

Skate in a relaxed manner for 20 minutes to warm up

  • Warm-up and get into the skiing feeling.
  • Skate deliberately and in a controlled manner - you can speed up later!

Skate at a medium tempo for 10-14 minutes

  • Prepare your body and circulatory system for interval training by skating fast at a medium tempo (almost up to the anaerobic threshold). This is extremely important, especially at cold temperatures.
  • Select slightly hilly terrain.

High-intensity interval training for 4 x 4 minutes

  • Complex skating using a technique appropriate to the terrain.
  • 1. The interval should not yet be at the maximum level, but slightly faster than before (slightly above the anaerobic threshold).
  • 2, 3 and 4. Do the interval at your fastest possible speed.
  • Take a 2-minute break between the sections, keep skating at a very relaxed pace.
  • Also integrate descents into the interval and practice skating downhill fast and taking curves.
  • Accelerate up small ascents until you go over the crest and downhill.
  • Focus on your basic technique. Take the time to perform powerful kicks even when skating fast. The focus should be on coordinated leg and arm work at higher speeds and correctly timed kicks.

Skate in a relaxed manner for 20 minutes to wind down

  • Feel the cold air in your lungs once again and slowly make your way home.