3 Cross-Country Skiing Exercises

14. February 2023

Foto: iStock.com/med_ved

Those who bring content and variety through cross-country skiing progress quickly. Here are 3 exercises you can do in 1.5 hours.

You will be impressed by the versatility of the training on cross-country ski bases. This is the key for continuous improvement. Particularly in a demanding sport like cross-country skiing, balance, technique, coordination, strength, speed, and a perfect physical condition are required to achieve endurance.

The three exercises focus on the fundamentals of this discipline: technique/coordination, rhythm/strength, speed and endurance.

Sample training 1

Focus on rhythm / strength

Duration: around 80-90 minutes
Bear in mind: can be performed in both the classical and skate skiing style.

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Sample training 2

Focus on speed

Duration: Around 80 minutes
Bear in mind: The ski trail should be compact to avoid sinking heavily into the snow when you push off.

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Sample training 3

Focus on stamina/intensive endurance

Duration: 70 minutes 
Focus: deliberately switching between the different skating speeds.

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