5 tips to relieve neck tension

Andreas Lanz 15. June 2022

Foto: iStock.com/fizkes

Poor posture causes uneven tension between the fascia and muscles in the neck. We show you how to correct it.

Neck tension is caused by posture, such as sitting at the desk for hours on end or hyperextending the cervical spine when riding a road bike or doing the breaststroke. This helps:

  1. Optimise your working and training conditions
    Is your screen at the right height and distance? Do your forearms lie comfortably on the table and are your shoulders relaxed? Are the saddle height and frame size of your road bike correct?
  2. Pay attention to your posture
    If necessary, set an alarm clock to remind you to check your posture twice an hour. Do the same for sports: Focus on your posture every 20 minutes.
  3. Pay attention to your fascia once a day
    Slowly roll a fascia ball from the back of your head toward your shoulders, placing a little pressure on the left, as well as right side of the neck. 
  4. Tone your neck muscles
    Place your palms on your forehead, gently press your head against them for 10 seconds, relax for 20 seconds and repeat twice. 
  5. Relax your neck muscles twice a day
  • Look up and down ten times. Alternate between looking at the ceiling and the floor. Move your head slowly and calmly. Try to increase the movement path a little with each movement.
  • Stretch the lateral neck muscles on both sides. Tilt your head sideways until you feel the stretch. Increase the stretch by pulling your head slightly in the appropriate direction with one hand. 
  • Stretch the back of your neck. Put both hands on the back of your head. Pull your chin to your chest and increase the stretch by gently pressing your hands on the back of your head.