Did you know that...?

Valentin Belz 10. October 2022

...irregular bedtime schedules are poison for your metabolism?

Studies to date have shown that people who don’t get enough sleep have a considerably higher risk of obesity, diabetes, and other metabolic disorders. Researchers at the Bringham and Women’s Hospital in Boston are now interested in the effects of an irregular sleep rhythm. A rhythm in which the sleep schedule and duration fluctuate greatly. For this purpose, over 2000 middle-aged and elderly people were observed over a period of 6 years.

An irregular sleep rhythm is bad for your health

The researchers found that those with a strongly fluctuating sleep schedule and duration have significantly more metabolic disorders. In addition, high blood pressure and an increase in fat in the abdomen were observed much more frequently. This greatly increased the risk of cardiovascular disease, becoming overweight, and type 2 diabetes.

What can we learn from this?

  • Sleep is considered the best medicine. However, it requires the right dose and regularity.
  • It is advisable to always go to bed and get up at the same time.
  • We should arrange our sporting activities in such a way that they do not affect our sleeping rhythm.
  • A completely different sleeping rhythm at the weekend increases the risk of illness just as significantly as shift work. Even if you get enough sleep.
Foto: iStock.com/amenic181