Did you know that...

8. June 2022

Foto: iStock.com/Paperkites

...there a positive link between sports and mental health, and a generational gap with potentially worrying implications?

ASICS conducted a study that helped to examine and establish the correlation between the emotional state of people from all over the world and the positive effects of exercise. 

Interesting findings came to light:

  1. The more you exercise, the higher your mental health score.
  2. Older generations are more active and have a correspondingly higher mental health score, whereas younger generations are less active, which automatically has a negative impact on mental health.
  3. 15.09 minutes is enough to benefit from the positive mental effects of sport.
  4. On a global scale, the mental health score of men is 3% higher than women.
  5. On average, women around the world exercise 40 minutes less than men each week.
  6. Walking is the most popular sporting activity worldwide.

What can we learn from this?

  • We hold our mental health in our own hands to a large extent. 
  • Younger generations should now take matters into their own hands and become more active.
  • Endurance sports offer all generations the ideal opportunity to become physically active.
  • Even very short sports units have a positive effect on your mental health.
  • Athletic goals can help bring consistency into everyday movement.