Engadin Skimarathon: Numbers that will amaze you

17. March 2022

After two years of interruption, the Engadin Skimarathon took place for the 52nd time last Sunday. The traditional cross-country race from Maloja to S-chanf is the big goal of many hobby athletes, as well as top runners. 

We present to you the most interesting numbers:


More than 8000 cross-country skiers have taken up the challenge and completed the 42.2 kilometers.

78% - 22%

Men were in the majority again this year. Compared to previous years, women have slightly caught up. 


Roman Furger required a little longer than one and a half hours for the distance between Maloja and S-chanf. This corresponds to an average speed of more than 26 km/h.


Only a good 10 minutes longer than the winner of the men's race was the fastest woman, Nadja Kälin, who finished in 80th place. It is interesting to see where this relatively small time difference occured: She earned most of the difference in the first quarter, when the women were still running alone. In percentage terms, the St. Moritz woman lost the least time during the second half.

2:59:28 – 3:24:18

On average, the men completed the marathon in just under three hours, while the women took about 25 minutes longer.

3:50 – 1:20

The comparison of the two marathon halves is very interesting: While, the men averaged 3:50 slower in the second 21.1 kilometers, the women's average was only 1:20. 


The 50-59 age group accounted for the largest share of participants (23.9%), followed by the 30-39 age group and the 40-49 age group. Incidentally, the oldest participant was 89, while the youngest dared to take on the challenge at the age of 15.


The Engadin Skimarathon is an international event. Participants from 47 nations were at the start this year.