Gravel Biking - The most exciting riding experience in autumn

14. September 2022

The trend sport of gravel continues to enjoy increasing popularity. In the bike scene, the carefree freedom on two wheels has long been known. Many are discovering their love of the versatile gravel sport for the first time this year.  

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When all the races have been run and best performances caught up, the end of the season is once again more about the fun itself. So what better sport to do in the fall than Gravel! On a gravel tour, the focus is on the riding experience. Whether you're an experienced racing cyclist or a curious bike beginner, this trendy sport has something for everyone. Carried by wide tires with good tread, you can get over any surface. So there are no limits to the riding experience and countless new adventures can be tackled. That's why you're not only good on the road alone, but also in pairs or groups. 

A combination of on- and off-road is what makes a gravel tour so appealing. If you ride for time, you have to accept certain losses on the asphalt. But if you leave the road, you are rewarded with an enormous gain of adventurous routes. Whether gravel roads, forest paths or meadows - you don't have to stop at any surface. Fun and adrenaline are guaranteed!