Insider tips for summer training

28. June 2017

  1. Be flexible with the start of your training
    Postpone the start of your training time to the early morning or late evening hours. You can choose to significantly increase the intensity of your training because you won’t need to take strong measures to cool down excessive body heat. You also need less time for recovery because the fluid loss is lower, among other things.
  2. Choose alternative routes
    Instead of sticking with your normal route, select routes that are less sunny. Runners and walkers should ideally look for routes in the forest, whereas cyclists should choose the shady side for ascents.
  3. Cool yourself down before, during, and after your training 
    Take a cool shower before your training and lower your core body temperature. Or at least start with a wet shirt and wet hair. It will benefit you during the first phase of your training. As your unit progresses, it is advisable to keep on cooling down your head, upper body, and extremities with water. When you’re back home, it helps if you take a cool bath.
  4. Reduce the intensity
    In extreme conditions, you should reduce your normal pace and even adapt the training form if necessary (for example, do an endurance run instead of an interval). Don’t forget that the energy you would otherwise use to get ahead is needed to cool yourself down. 
  5. Think positive
    Admittedly, the heat is not for everyone and it places extremely intensive demands on our cardiovascular system. This is something we can’t change, however. Happy are those who can accept this and make the best of the situation; they will experience many positive sporting moments this summer.