Move and get rewards

Transform your passive income! The new sports app Muuvr rewards your training efforts with attractive prizes. The best thing about it is that the app can be seamlessly integrated into all common platforms such as Zwift, Garmin and Apple Fitness. 

Muuvr has launched a sports app that has the potential to revolutionise the market. It enables users to convert their physical exertion into tangible sports products and services. The app is available for iOS and Android and can be easily used with fitness tracking platforms such as Zwift, Apple Fitness and Fitbit. The app can be easily used with different devices such as bike computers and fitness watches from Google, Garmin and Wahoo.

How does Muuvr work?

Muuvr uses a simple system with which users collect credits - or 'Muuvs’ - based on the duration, distance and intensity of their sports activity. Muuvs take age, gender and ability into account in order to provide a fair weighting. This ensures that participants are rewarded for their personal effort since a 30-minute run is perceived differently depending on an individual's physical condition. Muuvs can then be exchanged on the Muuvr marketplace for genuine, high-quality products, event registrations or vouchers from partner brands. Muuvr has already secured attractive partnerships with X-Bionic, SKLZ and Huub as well as various event organisers such as the Engadin Skimarathon and Gommerlauf. 

Now it's your turn. Download Muuvr and start collecting Muuvs!

Reward and community

In addition to its rewards system, Muuvr offers standard fitness app features which enable users to track their performance data, compare their results and connect with the wider Muuvr community. 

Partnership with Fit for Life

Through its presence on Muuvr, Fit for Life (a Datasport brand) aims to connect the endurance sports community in Switzerland and present the latest content and exciting competitions in a modern way. Thomas Bachofner, CEO of Datasport and Fit for Life: “Fit for Life is pleased to be exploring an innovative path with Muuvr which offers events and athlets a new and improved training and competition experience. Muuvr's unique approach to encouraging exercise perfectly fits in with our vision of promoting an active lifestyle. We believe that this collaboration will not only revolutionise the way in which athletes learn about events but will also create new opportunities for the entire endurance sports community through relevant content and sports activities.