Photo Story: Datasport at the Giro Media Blenio

Daniel Bürgin 16. May 2019

What does Datasport’s workday look like at an event?

We accompanied the service team at the Giro Media Blenio from early morning to late evening and recall the day in this photo story.


Gerlafingen - 04:18


«The event day begins for Datasport long before the first athletes start warming up. At 04:30, the service team set off from their headquarters in Gerlafingen.»

Gotthard tunnel - 05:59


«The Datasport team is on its way to Ticino to conduct timekeeping at the Giro Media Blenio.»

Dongio - 07:29


«The first thing that needs to be done after arriving in Dongio is to set up the timekeeping system. Every move is perfectly executed because the employees know the self-developed hardware and software like the back of their hands.»

Dongio - 08:27


«The Datasport team transported a total of 870 kg of material to Ticino, which is needed for the timekeeping.»

MARQUEET - 08:45


«With Datasport, organisers have a partner they can rely on at their side. Since 1983, Datasport has impressed with its professional and precise work.»



«It will also soon be time for the athletes to set off. They pick up their starting numbers, which were printed in Datasport’s print centre. The starting number has an attached timekeeping chip, which was encoded in Gerlafingen.»

Datasport bus - 09:43


«The self-programmed software has already been fed with categories and participant data in Gerlafingen. The final late registrations are recorded on site in the Datasport bus and everything is prepared for the start.»

Start - 09:59


«The under 16-year-olds are already waiting eagerly for the starting shot. In total, more than 1000 runners in over 20 different categories are taking part in the Giro Media Blenio.»

Datasport bus - 10:00


«At this point, the timing system is also ready and would immediately report any false starters to the Datasport team in the bus.»



«While the athletes attempt to achieve their personal best performances, Datasport checks all the data that is sent from the different sensors to the bus in the finish area.»



«For a correct ranking list, Datasport conducts a manual protocol in addition to the proven timekeeping. This ensures that everyone really has the right time and the right ranking in the final ranking list.»



«Only when the employees and the technology at Datasport function reliably is it possible for the athletes to be so happy! A functioning timekeeping system is the key element for organisers, and with Datasport they have a professional partner at their side.»



«The athletes can already view and share their results in the Datasport App just a few seconds after crossing the finish line.»

Dongio - 17:58


«The Giro Media Blenio is one of the most picturesque events that Datasport conducts. The proven processes and technology also makes it possible to conduct events with over 40,000 participants.»


«The Datasport team’s work on site ends at 18:00. Once all the boxes are stowed back in the bus, they embark on their homeward journey to Gerlafingen.»





Foto: Datasport