Rules of conduct for participants in the time of corona

1. September 2020

Foto: / Swissalpine

Gone are the times when you could travel to an event without any worries, interact with others before the start and compete with a large number of participants. The new reality requires a rethink, solidarity, and individual responsibility.

The virus will be with us for quite a while yet. No one can say how long that will be. That's why we need to learn to deal with it and make the most of the situation.

Hundreds of events have been cancelled since March. In the meantime, events are now possible again, albeit under stringent conditions. The first experiences show that the adapted formats have been very well received by participants and that the positives outweigh the negatives.


We want to motivate you to take part and compete in an event again. With the following rules, you will help to make it successful event:

  • Always keep your distance (1-2m) from other people before, during and after the event. This is still the most important preventative measure.
  • Don't shake hands, even if you want to congratulate someone on their special performance, for example. Because the virus (and many other diseases) is often transmitted via the hands.
  • Always keep your hands away from your face and disinfect them wherever possible. This is how you can protect yourself against infection!
  • Stay at home if you are not completely healthy and have any symptoms of an illness. This actually applies in general and has always been the case, but is all the more important during the corona era.
  • Wear a mask, especially where this is required (e.g. on the train, in the start/finish area).
  • Once you've finished your race, leave the premises. Spectators are generally neither wanted nor allowed due to intermingling of people and difficulty in tracking.
  • Respect the rules of the organisers. They are part of their protection concept, thanks to which the event was approved in the first place.

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