The most read knowledge articles in 2019

24. December 2019


Our goal is to impart knowledge. For this reason, we provide you with exciting articles and helpful tips on a weekly basis. These were the six most read articles in 2019.

The 5 biggest mistakes when training in summer


The summer with its long days is ideal for doing sports. Only when the sun is at its highest and the temperatures reach their peak is it worth adapting your training.
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Die 6 best strength exercises for runners


The importance of muscle strength with regards to running performance as well as the prevention of injuries or overloading is frequently underestimated – despite the fact that there are now several studies which have clearly demonstrated the positive effects of strength training.
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What is a normal heart rate?


When you do intensive exercise, you require more oxygen and thus accelerate your heartbeat. But what is a good, normal, or even dangerous heart rate?
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10 exercises for a better posture


With these ten exercises, we provide you with the tools to fight this effectively.
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Ten training sins you should avoid


Running injuries are frequently not just bad luck but could have been avoided in many cases. The most important tips for healthy running.
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What are the benefits of running very slowly?


A very slow, effortless run with an intensity of around 65% is propagated time and again. Is this beneficial?
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