Travel free of charge on public transport to the nicest Swiss running events

Foto: Dave Bürgisser

SBB and the Swiss Runners events both make contributions to climate protection. But how do the runners benefit?

Swiss Runners

The Swiss Runners association was founded in 1994 and promotes the sport of running in Switzerland as an independent organisation. The association supports 21 running events, including 16 of the top 20 in Switzerland. A total of 250,000 runners participate in Swiss Runners events every year.

How you benefit from the collaboration

Since 2017, the starting fee has included the outward and return journey on public transport from anywhere in Switzerland. Thanks to the collaboration between SBB RailAway and Swiss Runners, the Swiss Runners Ticket allows you to travel free of charge to 18 different running events. 

The internationally unique offer will now be extended for another three years from 2020 to 2022, and as in the past you can print your ticket yourself after registering for the run. Each year, over 170,000 people take part in these races held throughout Switzerland and benefit from the environmentally friendly, free journey on public transport.




How you contribute to climate protection 

Swiss Runners members are thus demonstrating their continued commitment to making events that are as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible. In terms of the total CO2 emissions for an event, transport accounts for the largest share. With the outward and return journey for participants on public transport and the free Swiss Runners Ticket, this very aspect is being addressed and CO2 emissions are even further reduced. 

You win no matter what

That means good news for all runners – and those who want to become one: in 2020, you can continue to take advantage of the free outward and return journey on public transport.

The following 18 events offer environmentally friendly, free travel by public transport:

Bremgarter Reusslauf 29.2.2020
Kerzerslauf 21.3.2020
Luzerner Stadtlauf 25.4.2020
20KM de Lausanne 2./3.5.2020
Grand-Prix von Bern 9.5.2020
Auffahrtslauf St. Gallen 21.5.2020
Bieler Lauftage 4.–6.6.2020
Schweizer Frauenlauf Bern 14.6.2020
Aletsch-Halbmarathon 20./21.6.2020
Swissalpine 25.7.2020
Stralugano 29./30.8.2020
Jungfrau-Marathon, Interlaken 11./12.9.2020
Greifenseelauf, Uster 19.9.2020
Course Morat-Fribourg 4.10.2020
Hallwilerseelauf 10.10.2020
Ascona-Locarno-Run 17./18.10.2020
SwissCityMarathon-Lucerne 25.10.2020
Swiss Snow Walk & Run Arosa 9.1.2021

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