Workouts for more speed endurance

6. April 2023

If you want to achieve your best possible performance in competition, you have to work on the “bite” and get used to a certain speed endurance.

Intensive workouts at the limit are not only physically but also mentally exhausting, because they require a certain amount of effort and challenge the “inner weaker self”. We have selected a few examples here that challenge you, but also encourage you.

Fast endurance run

At least once, at most twice a month, you can do a fast endurance run. Two possible forms:

  • 20 to 30 minutes at a pace that is 5-10 seconds/kilometre above your 30-minute race pace
  • 2 x 15 minutes at a pace that matches your 30-minute race pace with jogging breaks of 3–5 minutes


Fartlek involves running fast at various speeds during the approx. 40-50-minute training session, whereby the speed is logically adapted to the terrain. For example, running quickly up the ascent, then slower along the next long straight, and then quickly again to the tree at the end of the road, etc. You can choose the distances of the individual sections, using the topography or landmarks in the terrain as reference points. Due to the speed variation, the pulse is also not constant during fartlek training, but rather, changes frequently.


In interval training, the individual high intensity phases and the intervening periods of rest are clearly defined. The distinction between intervals and fartlek is blurred. In extensive interval training the selected intensity level is just so high (levels 3 and 4) that the fast sections can be frequently repeated and only need to be interrupted by short breaks. During intensive interval training, the running pace is higher (levels 4 to even 5) than that of extensive interval training and the breaks are correspondingly longer.

  • 6-8 x 1 km at a 30-minute race pace, each with a 3-minute jogging break (intensive)
  • 5 x 1 km at just below the 30-minute race pace with a 4-minute jogging break (intensive)
  • 10-12 x 400 m at a pace somewhat faster than the 30-minute race pace, each with a 60-90-second jogging break (extensive)
  • 8-10 x 300 m at a pace significantly faster than the 30-minute racing pace, each with a 2-minute jogging break (extensive)