General information, terms and conditions

Good to know

Product prices

The prices of the individual products are specified in the product overview.

Layout and preparation

We charge an order flat rate for doing the layout. This covers the expenses incurred for the order, the print proof, data preparation, preparation of the personalised print data, as well as archiving the templates and data.          

Flat rates:

  • CHF 150.00 for existing layouts, small corrections such as date/year
  • CHF 250.00 when there is a change in logo, up to two different layouts
  • We charge at cost for elaborate layouts and complex data processing


Before production, we will send you a print-ready file (in PDF format) by email.

Processing logos

We charge at cost for the graphical editing of logos and photos, such as improvements in the event of poor quality/resolution.

Personalised products

Printing products with personalised information is included in the price as standard. Print Centre customers can enjoy adjusted prices, which will be announced along with the offer.

The prerequisite is the delivery of correct data in accordance with the Datasport requirements.

We charge at cost for any additional expenses incurred by the data preparation.

Production and delivery times

We guarantee a very short production time of 4 working days (except for textile numbers). The production time for textile numbers is at least 6 working days.

Print Centre customers can enjoy adapted delivery times, which will be announced along with the offer.

The duration is calculated as being the time from which a valid print-ready file is ready through to the dispatch from Gerlafingen. The necessary design time and transport time also need to be included in the scheduling. Express production runs are possible, depending on the order situation and volume. We charge an express flat rate of CHF 150.00 for the additional expenses incurred by express orders.

Packaging and dispatch

Postage and packaging will be charged according to the costs incurred. If you are ordering from abroad, please get in contact us with us first. Subsequent costs (transport and customs) will be directly charged to the purchaser.

VAT and terms of payment

All prices are subject to the applicable VAT. The payment terms are strictly 20 days net. Unauthorised deductions will be reimbursed.

Price list

Datasport reserves the right to adjust the prices if necessary. However, the prices quoted (within the validity of the offer) or prices when ordering shall apply in all cases.


Your logos and data

We undertake the product layouts according to your specifications.
Please send us the logos and texts with the exact specifications of the desired size and placement.
We will send you a "print-ready" file in PDF format by email.

In order to achieve an optimal print quality, we need the logo as an image file in the highest possible Quality.
These vector formats are particularly suitable:

  • Adobe Illustrator EPS
  • Adobe Illustrator (AI)      
  • Adobe PDF

Alternatively, we also work with pixel graphics. For these, a minimum resolution of 300 dpi (in the desired print size 1:1) is required.
These formats are suitable:

  • TIF
  • JPEG (JPG)      
  • Adobe Photoshop PSD

If the products are to be printed with personalised athlete data, the data needs to be delivered in a timely manner in one of the following formats:

  • Microsoft Excel (XLSX, XLS)
  • Text file with separator or tab (TXT)