ÖKK BIKE REVOLUTION LogoFive Destinations – One Revolution! 

The ÖKK BIKE REVOLUTION heralds a new era in Swiss mountain biking. The race series sets new standards for both amateur and professional bikers. The strong user experience, modern formats and distinctive community spirit shape these revolutionary bike events. 

The ÖKK BIKE REVOLUTION offers not only licensed professional bikers but also fun riders and talented young bikers the opportunity to compete against others. The various categories guarantee fair cross-country races full of fun and excitement for everyone.  

The unique (e-)bike experience! 

There is something for all bikers at the ÖKK BIKE REVOLUTION events. Whether beginner, advanced, family or e-biker: Everyone can explore the highlights of the destinations on the various routes. Discover the hotspots of the regions and enjoy culinary highlights - combined with exciting challenges!