Powerman Zofingen 2018 - Leaderboard

Overall Open Long Distance all

Overall Open Long Distance Women

Overall Open Long Distance Men

Overall Short Distance Women

Overall Short Distance Men

Overall ITU Long Distance all

Overall ITU Long Distance Women

Overall ITU Long Distance Men

Open Women age group 18-19

Open Women age group 20-24

Open Women age group 25-29

Open Women age group 30-34

Open Women age group 35-39

Open Women age group 40-44

Open Women age group 45-49

Open Women age group 50-54

Open Women age group 55-59

Open Women age group 60-64

Open Women age group 65-69

Open Women age group 70+

Open Men age group 18-19

Open Men age group 20-24

Open Men age group 25-29

Open Men age group 30-34

Open Men age group 35-39

Open Men age group 40-44

Open Men age group 45-49

Open Men age group 50-54

Open Men age group 55-59

Open Men age group 60-64

Open Men age group 65-69

Open Men age group 70+

Open Long Relay Men

Open Long Relay Women

Open Long Relay Mixed

Open Long Relay of 7

Short Juniorinnen

Short Hauptklasse Frauen

Short Altersklasse 1 Frauen

Short Altersklasse 2 Frauen

Short Altersklasse 3 Frauen

Short Junioren

Short Hauptklasse Männer

Short Altersklasse 1 Männer

Short Altersklasse 2 Männer

Short Altersklasse 3 Männer

Short Staffel Männer

Short Staffel Frauen

Short Staffel Mixed

ITU Elite Women

ITU Women age group 18-19

ITU Women age group 20-24

ITU Women age group 25-29

ITU Women age group 30-34

ITU Women age group 35-39

ITU Women age group 40-44

ITU Women age group 45-49

ITU Women age group 50-54

ITU Women age group 55-59

ITU Women age group 60-64

ITU Women age group 65-69

ITU Women age group 70+

ITU Elite Men

ITU Men age group 18-19

ITU Men age group 20-24

ITU Men age group 25-29

ITU Men age group 30-34

ITU Men age group 35-39

ITU Men age group 40-44

ITU Men age group 45-49

ITU Men age group 50-54

ITU Men age group 55-59

ITU Men age group 60-64

ITU Men age group 65-69

ITU Men age group 70+

ITU Men Paraduathlon PT1

ITU Men Paraduathlon PT2

ITU Men Paraduathlon PT3

ITU Men Paraduathlon PT4

ITU Men Paraduathlon PT5

ITU Women Paraduathlon PT1

ITU Women Paraduathlon PT2

ITU Women Paraduathlon PT3

ITU Women Paraduathlon PT4

ITU Women Paraduathlon PT5

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