Get fitter through greater flexibility

Valentin Belz 6. October 2016

Assuming that you are already doing targeted endurance training and the most important strength gymnastic exercises, the focus here is on storing and releasing the energy that you are capable of producing as efficiently as possible. You can learn this by doing simple jumping exercises and thus improve your body’s flexibility. The more flexible and efficient you become, the less you will need to exert yourself in your sport. Or in other words: you'll be able to achieve more because less energy is wasted.

Spend around 5 to 10 minutes maximum on this. If possible, do 1 to 3 sets of the 6 exercises before or after your training. Complete each of the single exercises within 20-30 seconds.

Hip rotation

Objective: Increase flexibility and the isolated movement of the shoulders and hips.

Technique: Rotate your hips to the right and left at a 45-degree angle. Keep your shoulders stable and in each case rotate your arms in the opposite direction.

Focus: Total body rotation




Sideways jumps

Objective: Create flexibility and speed in the lower body.

Technique: Jump with both legs as fast as possible over the towel.

Focus: Speed jumps




One leg jumps

Objective: Increase energy and dynamism in the hips and legs

Technique: By energetically using your arms, jump up from a deep one-legged squat and change legs so that the rear leg is now in front. After landing, stabilize this position for 2 seconds before doing the next jump.

Focus: Explosive power in the hips and legs




Split Jump

Ziel: Steigerung der Energie und Dynamik in den Hüften und Beinen.

Ausführung: Spring aus der tiefen einbeinigen Hocke mit dynamischem Armeinsatz in die Höhe, wechsle in der Luft die Beinposition, so dass das hintere Bein nun vorne steht. Stabilisiere die Position nach der Landung während 2 Sekunden, ehe der nächste Sprung folgt.

Fokus: Explosivität in den Hüften und Beinen




Side jumps   

Objective: Develop dynamic lateral strength

Technique: Jump from the one-legged squat in a high arc onto the other leg. Hold this position for 3 seconds and then jump back again.

Focus: High side jumps




Racing dive   

Objective: Build dynamism and total body stability

Technique: Move your legs back and forth like pistons, fully stretching the rear leg each time

Focus: Perfect posture




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