The 5 biggest mistakes when training in summer

Valentin Belz 25. June 2019

The summer with its long days is ideal for doing sports. Early in the morning, it is wonderful to train in the still relatively cool and fresh air. And in the evening, when the air is still warm, running in the forest, riding a bike, or swimming in the lake is particularly fun. Only when the sun is at its highest and the temperatures reach their peak is it worth adapting your training.


To ensure your summer training will be a success, it is important to avoid the following mistakes:

Start running without acclimation

When the heat hits us, be it here or when travelling on holiday, it can take up to a week for the body to get used to it. Those who don't take this into account will probably need to abort one or the other training unit or at least slow down.

Adhering to speeds

At high temperatures, the body also needs to cool down. The energy required for this is reflected in a higher heart rate and reduced performance. It is therefore advisable to train at a lower level of intensity when temperatures are high.

Training without sun protection

Those who do sports without sun protection will not only pay for it with sunburn, but also a loss of performance during the load because the body will be deprived of water. There are now a wide variety of products that have been designed for sports and provide good protection. You should also protect the eyes to prevent macular degeneration (AMD).

Neglecting fluid intake needs

The higher temperatures generally mean that we sweat more and thus lose fluids. If we are also doing sports, then the loss can be really big. It is therefore all the more important that we drink regularly throughout the day.

Wearing non-functional clothing

Clothing made from functional fibres helps to ensure that the sweat is quickly wicked away from the skin and ideally cools you some more. Here are some tips for running and cycling, and what you should wear at what temperature.