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18.04.2015 Les Traine-Savates, Cheseaux-sur-Lausanne Running DS live ranking Website
18.04.2015 Rotseelauf, Ebikon Running DS live ranking Website
19.04.2015 Zürich Marathon, Teamrun und Cityrun Running DS live ranking Website Diploma Foto
19.04.2015 Globus Marathon St. Wendel (D) Running DS live ranking Website Diploma Foto
19.04.2015 Walliseller Triathlon Triathlon DS live ranking Website
22.04.2015 Tour du Chablais #3 Evionnaz Running DS live starting list Registration Website
22.04.2015 GO-IN 6 Weeks #1 Mauensee Running DS live starting list Website SMS
25.04.2015 20km de Lausanne Running DS live starting list Website SMS
25.04.2015 Luzerner Stadtlauf Running DS live starting list Registration Website
25.04.2015 Chäsitzerlouf, Kehrsatz Running DS live starting list Registration Website SMS
25.04.2015 Ötzi-Alpin-Marathon, Naturns (I) Others DS live starting list Registration Website
26.04.2015 Walking Lugano Walking DS live starting list Registration Website SMS
26.04.2015 Aargauer Volkslauf, Aarau Running DS live starting list Registration Website SMS
29.04.2015 Tour du Chablais #4 Les Mosses Running DS live starting list Website
29.04.2015 GO-IN 6 Weeks #2 Gettnau Running DS live starting list Website

Sihltaler Frühlingslauf 2015, Gattikon - 01.05.2015

The spring run for young and old alike. With short routes for children and long routes for experienced runners, there is certainly something for everyone here. The classic 10 km route follows the Sihl river then makes a short, steep ascent through the beautiful forests of the Zimmerbergkette mountain range and then takes you back to Gattikon.    
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11. Blüemlisalp-Lauf 2015 Reichenbach - 24.05.2015

The mountain run for everyone. The start is in Reichenbach. The route first runs through Kandertal and after the Kiental and Spiggenbach Bridge opens up a view of the impressive Blüemli Alpine massif. The start of the walkers is Kiental, likewise with the finish in Gommern at 1446 m.    
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Winterthur Marathon 2015 - 31.05.2015

The 17th Winterthur Marathon offers two guided training runs on the original route during the preparatory phase. Loyalty points can also be collected here due to its Swiss Runners membership. The course mostly runs along biking and walking trails and takes you around Winterthur's "local mountain".    
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Ötzi-Alpin-Marathon, Naturns (I) - 25.04.2015

The extreme triathlon "Otzi Alpin Marathon" covers 42.2 km and an altitude difference of 3,266 metres in the disciplines mountain biking, mountain running and ski touring starting in Naturns on the Schnalstal glacier. Participation in the competition is possible as an individual or as a team (trio relays).    
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Herniated discs and sports – what's the relationship?
More and more people are doing sports long into their old age. This is known to be hugely beneficial for the circulatory system and general well-being. But what effect does it have on the spine? In particular, should patients with herniated discs continue to do sports?
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11.06.2015 bis 13.06.2015 - Bieler Lauftage, Biel/Bienne: Registration
25.10.2015 - SwissCityMarathon - Lucerne, Luzern: Registration
19.09.2015 - Int Greifenseelauf, Uster: Registration
31.05.2015 - Winterthur Marathon: Registration
10.07.2015+11.07.2015 - Albstadt Bike Marathon, Albstadt (D): Registration
07.06.2015 - Glocknerkönig, Bruck-Fusch (A): Registration
25.10.2015 - Lausanne Marathon: Registration
22.04.2015 - Tour du Chablais #3 Evionnaz: Registration
24.05.2015 - Cyclotour du Leman, Lausanne: Registration
28.06.2015 - Aletsch-Halbmarathon, Bettmeralp: Registration
14.05.2015 - Flughafenlauf, Kloten: Registration
17.05.2015 - Dreiländer-Lauf, Basel: Registration