Data management

At Datasport, data management plays a particularly important role. Datasport’s platform ensures organisers a high degree of security (backup, data security, data protection) and data availability. The organisers are always in possession of the participant data (including postal address, e-mail, mobile phone number) as well as the results history, both of which are their most important assets when it comes to undertaking targeted communication measures.

Professional data management is not only an integral part of participant administration, but also forms the basis for efficient communication between the organisers and the participants.


A specific event database is created for each event. This database holds all the addresses and details of participants who have taken part in the event or have been recorded for other reasons (e.g. for the dispatch of documents) since the database was set up. The event database is managed using software developed by Datasport.

Data security, data integrity, and data protection

Datasport handles all the tasks necessary for the installation, configuration, operation, and security of the event database.Thanks to our state-of-the-art platforms, we can guarantee the data’s security, integrity, and protection and adhere to the applicable regulations and laws in this area.


In this unique form of event database, Datasport safeguards the history and all the results achieved. This means that each participant can retrieve all his results from all the Datasport events he participated in at any time. The database takes into account all the results that were achieved since it was created.
It is also possible to transfer the results data from a specific event that took place prior to the cooperation with Datasport, which enables participants to have a seamless history of events.

Legal aspects

The data stored In the event database are in the possession of the organiser at all times. Datasport manages the data on behalf of the organiser with appropriate caution. Datasport particularly ensures that

  • the data is only disclosed to third parties (e.g. media, sponsors, other organisers) with the written consent of the organiser
  • the data is not misused for its own or third party purposes

Datasport processes the data on behalf of the organiser and assumes that he has obtained the participants’ consent to store and process the data. Datasport shall not be liable under any legal title for any damage claims by third parties or by the organiser arising from the management of data.

IT Infrastructure

Datasport operates the required infrastructure for all its services to ensure

  • the greatest possible availability of all Internet services. This includes starting lists, ranking lists, online registrations, live results, database applications (Windata ASP, Event CMS)
  • the greatest possible security against unauthorized access

The IT infrastructure from Datasport, in particular the web server, payment server and Internet feed lines, is designed to operate 24/7, which means that all systems are redundant, i.e., the data is stored in more than one place.

IT security

Security aspects are particularly important to us. We attach great importance to protecting the entire infrastructure from unauthorized external access (through hackers, viruses, etc.). Datasport guarantees data security (security against data loss or wilful destruction) and data protection (protection against unauthorized access) to the best of its knowledge and belief.