Service Management

We provide you with competent advice and put together a solution package from our comprehensive range of services that is tailored to your needs.

As an event organiser, you will receive all-round support from a Sports Service Manager who will accompany your events throughout the year. He is responsible for the preparation, execution, and post-processing of your events and will assist you with his know-how, advice, and experience.

The Sports Service Manager’s most important tasks include:

  • Advising the organiser on all matters relating to our services. This notably includes participant administration (including online registration), timekeeping (organising places, procedures), the dissemination of information (ratings, e-mail and SMS services) and product design (layout, packaging)
  • Discussing and determining all the dates and details with the organiser
  • Coordinating all the bodies and people involved within Datasport as well as any third parties concerned