Online registration

Online registration

Our platform for online registration and collection services with multilingual user guidance (German, French, Italian and English) offers athletes simple and secure access to their desired competitions via all digital channels and is being improved on a continuous basis.

Our platform guarantees organisers a huge reduction in effort because not only are all the transactions processed electronically, but Datasport also relieves organisers of their responsibility to collect the entry fees from all the institutions concerned (credit card companies, post office, banks, etc.).
The Datasport platform has been awarded a high level of certification from VISA and Mastercard, which guarantees a high degree of security and trust.


The athletes register themselves and/or other athletes (e.g. from the same household, club) via the Internet, whereby all the necessary information is collected. This automatically increases the quality of the data in your event database.

Furthermore, the athletes are given the opportunity to insure their entry fee by means of the cancellation insurance, which also takes the burden off the organiser when it comes to reclaiming entry fees.


The athletes have numerous methods of payment at their disposal, notably credit cards, Post Office Card, EC/Maestro and bank transfers. Country-specific payment methods have also been implemented for all the European countries.

Datasport concludes all the necessary contracts with the credit card companies and banking institutions.  We are constantly simplifying the payment process in line with the latest technological developments and international standards.


Only once the entry fee has been transferred is the registration deemed complete, whereupon Datasport sends the athletes a confirmation by e-mail for each completed transaction.

Late online registrations

Datasport’s registration platform enables athletes to register online for an event up to one hour before the start, if so requested by the organiser.  Once they have successfully registered, the athletes are informed directly by e-mail and SMS as to where they can pick up their starting numbers.

This service not only increases the quality of the late registration data, but also reduces time and effort when it comes to issuing starting numbers for people who have registered late.

Integration in the event’s home page

When the online registration is used, your event is not only entered in the highly acclaimed Datasport event calendar with around 3 million visitors per year, but is also automatically advertised in the Datasport Community and with our partners.

The registration platform can be accessed via the Datasport website. The organiser can and should integrate a link to the registration on his homepage.