Timing service

It’s not without reason that we are the "Swiss precision timekeeper". It’s our Swiss quality that makes us stand out. Thanks to our more than thirty years of experience in timekeeping and the use of cutting-edge technologies, we are able to offer an appropriate timekeeping solution for each type of sport.

Using state-of-the-art transponder technologies for all requirements, professional communication systems for the fast and safe collection and processing of information, coupled with systems that are extremely fail-safe, flexible, and stable is a matter of course for us. We always use the latest timing and tracking technologies and optimize their use with the smartest processes and the highest level of quality.

Our personnel on-site are distinguished by their utmost precision and perfection, and have undergone many years of training thanks to our diligent continuous training program.

Results in real time

Our timing service not only includes the recording of start, split and finishing times. The results service is also an important element. Thanks to the use of state-of-the-art systems, we can publish the results or individual times online in real time. The "live" availability of results has been extremely popular among athletes for years and is very much appreciated. We are constantly refining the preparation and presentation of competition data in order to give athletes and supporters increasingly new insights into their competition performance.


Tracking by means of smartphones or special equipment has become indispensable in the world of sports. More and more athletes use this technology during their competition preparation and in the competition itself in order to record their performance and compare themselves with others.

Here, Datasport offers organisers and athletes constantly enhanced solutions that make it possible to track the individual athletes by means of a smartphone or DataGPS trackers so relatives and other interested parties are continuously kept abreast of how the competition is progressing. Our solution combines transponder-based tracking with GPS tracking in a unique way and calculates and derives additional findings during the course of the competition.

Dissemination of information

The dissemination of information not only includes disseminating information locally in the competition area by means of speaker information systems, information points, display panels, and ticker systems, but also numerous Internet services such as online starting/ranking lists, online certificates, and media services.
Our solutions also enable the organiser to send information to participants via SMS and/or e-mail services or ensure the event assistant can send information by means of an SMS ticker.