Thanks to DS live gold, your friends and family will have the opportunity to track your progress live during the race. Via your personal gold page, they can see your position on the map and have access to all the features of DS live gold. With the live SMS, live e-mails or automatic Facebook posts during the race, your family and friends will always be kept up to date. They will know where you are at all times and, thanks to the predictions, will always be ready to cheer you along the course at all times. Your location is usually sent from your smartphone, which you carry with you in the race. More on this below.

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DS live
DS live
Personal DS live gold page

Here you will find all the information about your personal race before, during, and after the event. Only this gives you access to all the features. Send the link to your family and friends, so they too can access your personal DS live gold page. More information here.

Prediction of all split times and the expected finishing time

Your position is continuously calculated based on various factors. A prediction will also be created for when you will reach the different split times and the finish. Your family and friends will therefore know where you will be at any given time and are always ready to cheer you along the course.

Display of the calculated position on the map and altitude profile

Thanks to the ongoing calculation, your family and friends can see your position on the map and altitude profile live. Your ranking and whether you are passing a competitor will also be calculated on an ongoing basis.
To ensure your position on the map is correct, you need to be tracked. For this purpose, you have to carry your smartphone with you during the race and send your location to us using the Datasport App.
Please note that if you do not carry your smartphone with you, have not enabled tracking, or have no reception on your mobile phone, your position will still be calculated and displayed. Therefore, deviations from your actual location are possible.

Your race is displayed on both the DS live web page and the Datasport App. However, all features are only available via the personal Gold page.

Live SMS and live e-mails during the race

With the live SMS and live e-mail subscriptions, you can choose for your family and friends to receive your current time and classification in real-time at all split times or every 15 minutes. Up to 5 mobile phone numbers and/or e-mail addresses can be registered for this service.

Google Street View and Google Earth

Sometimes it is difficult for your friends and relatives to imagine on the map what the landscape around you looks like. Thanks to Google Street View (if available) and Google Earth Web, your family and friends can get an idea of your current surroundings.

Interface to social media channels

Thanks to this interface, you can easily upload your accomplishment to your Strava profile after the race.

If you activate the automatic posts, your Facebook community will know what exactly you are experiencing during the race.

Automatic Google Street View images with the race data also enable you to be active on Instagram during the race without having to post something yourself.

Download your race

After the race, your tracking data will be ready to download as a GPX file. Particularly in the case of long races, tracking via the app is an advantage, since the battery of many GPS watches will not last for the entire race.
Thanks to the app’s lowest possible battery consumption, you can rest assured that your entire race will be recorded with DS Live gold.


Tracking via the Datasport app
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