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There is no better motivation to give your best performance than the cheers of your family and friends. Thanks to “DS LIVE GOLD”, you can be sure that they are there for you just when you need them most – for example at your most difficult point. Tracking with pinpointed accuracy, estimated split times, expected finishing time, and all other key information relating to YOUR race.


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Tracking on the map

Thanks to real-time tracking, your family and friends keep up with your position in the race on the map live. And: You can also see your position along the route – including elevation profile – and whether you are passing a competitor.

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Your supporters can also see precisely what distance you have already covered in the race. And what your respective split times are. Using this information, you can also better analyse your race and plan your workouts more systematically.

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Race predictions

Another great feature is the race predictions. By means of continual position tracking, DS LIVE GOLD can calculate when you will reach the next route post or other trouble spots. A few smart algorithms make this possible.

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Personal competition page

You will receive a link to your personal competition page, which you can share with your supporters. You then have all your split times and predictions at a glance and keep track of your current position live on the map. An elevation profile shows what you have already managed and what still lies ahead. And thanks to the Google Street View stream and Google Earth Web, your crew gets an accurate picture of the route.

Description of services

With DS live gold, you enjoy the following “social” services:

  • Text message and e-mail subscriptions and notifications – for instance split times and classification
  • Option to share personal gold contents, links and photos on Facebook
  • Interface with Strava platform
  • Instagram interface


Service Description

With DS live gold, you can enjoy the following services:

DS live gold - free


  • Continuous calculation of an athlete’s position on the route
  • To calculate the position, the following information is used:
    • Expected speed
    • Route profile and characteristics
    • Split times and tracking data
    • Elapsed time
  • Results lists in metres on the route
  • This calculation is purely informative and without guarantee

The offer

  • Data is presented via the DS live web page and Datasport App
  • Ongoing calculated prediction of the next measuring point of each athlete
  • Available map and altitude profile
  • A street view is displayed, if available

DS live gold with a personal gold page

  • If paid for, it includes all the features of the free version as well as
    • Predictions of all split times not yet reached and the finishing time
    • Google Earth web Interface
    • SMS and email subscriptions and notifications, such as split times and classification
    • Possibility to share personal gold content, links, and photos on Facebook
    • Interface to the Strava platform to upload personal GPX data
    • Instagram interface to share current street view information including personalised race data
  • The link to the personal gold page will be emailed to all athletes

Where to buy

  • When registering online
  • Immediately prior to the event, instructions will be sent by email

Tracking with the Datasport App

  • The Datasport App can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play free of charge
  • It is available for all gold routes and athletes
  • The service is free of charge and without support
  • The token for activation will be sent by SMS

DataGPS Tracker

  • The tracker is available to elite and VIP or all athletes at several events
  • Rental is carried out by the organiser
  • Trackers are the property of Datasport. The organiser will invoice you for the loss of the tracker


Tracking via the Datasport app
Easy to use
Unique experience