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The Bike Marathon Classics, which has existed since 1996, has six stages. On the maximum 511 kilometers, the athletes have to cover 19,971 meters of altitude on their mountain bikes in the most beautiful mountain regions of western and central Switzerland as well as in the Valais. The highlight is also the figurative showdown at the Grand Raid BCVS, which was held for the first time in 1990. The 125-kilometer-long hell ride in the Valais between Verbier and Grimentz is considered the oldest mountain bike marathon race in the world and leads as the last climb before the finish over the almost 2800-meter-high Pas de Lona, which completes the total of 5025 meters in altitude. With up to 3000 riders, the Grand Raid is the test with the largest number of participants within the Classics, followed by the Iron Bike Race in Einsiedeln, where around 2000 riders start. The Swiss championship in 2023 is the supreme distance of the legendary Eiger Bike Challenge in Grindelwald, which celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. World-renowned riders such as marathon world champions Christoph Sauser, Thomas Frischknecht, Ralph Näf, Alban Lakata and five-time Swiss champion and seven-time overall series winner Urs Huber have signed the Golden Book of the Classics; among the women, marathon world champions Esther Süss and Ramona Forchini.

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Event calendar:

18.06.2023  Raid Evolénard: More info / Results
02.07.2023 Groupe E BerGiBike: More info / Results
15./16.07.2023   Summer Bike Marathon: More info / Results
12./13.08.2023   Eiger Bike-Challenge: More info / Results
18./19.08.2023  Grand Raid BCVS: More info / Results
23./24.09.2023   Iron Bike Race: More info / Results


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