Here’s how to make the new year a success

Valentin Belz 1. January 2023


With our 10 tips, the new year will be a success.

New year, new luck. To ensure this saying is not merely an empty phrase but becomes reality, we have 10 tips to help you along.

  1. Start now
    You’ll always find reasons to defer making a start. But this won’t make it any easier. So, simply start training today. You don’t have to do anything special. It’s more about just doing it, setting things in motion, and ultimately bringing regularity into your everyday training.
  2. Exercise regularly
    Consistency is one of the most important keys to good health and success. If you can, try to train throughout the year without any interruptions. This way you will continuously build up a better level of fitness instead of always having to start from scratch again.
  3. Pay attention to your recovery
    Training and recovery belong together like the ebb and flow of tides. Your body needs rest in order to adapt to the set stimuli. Give it this in the form of sufficient sleep and downtime between your individual training units and make sure you drink enough fluids and have a balanced diet.
  4. Vary your training
    Bring variety to your everyday training by playing around with the duration and intensity as well as with other types of sports.
  5. Be versatile in your training
    It makes no difference to your heart whether you run, cycle or swim. Just make sure you complete the key training units in your main discipline. If you're going to run a marathon, you should do your long jogs and speed units on foot. If a cross-country ski race is your big goal, you should complete the important units on skis.
  6. Set a goal
    No path is the right one without a goal. Find a challenge that motivates you, perhaps even reveals your true colours and gives you good reasons to do sports several times a week.
  7. Stay relaxed
    Although you need to focus on your goal and train as regularly as possible, always maintain the necessary composure. Have the courage to skip a unit at times if you don't quite feel like it and then move on again full of enthusiasm.
  8. Listen to your body
    It may happen that you feel like you’ve pulled a muscle here or there over the next few months. Always take the signs from your body seriously and give it what it needs. Be cautious when increasing your training volume. To be on the safe side, increase the frequency first, then the duration, and then the intensity only at the end.
  9. Train in a structured manner
    It helps enormously if you have a goal when training, because this makes it all the more meaningful. For example, a goal might be to climb a hill, do an interval program at specific levels of intensity, or go for a long run with a view to running a marathon. And if these individual units are also optimally attuned to each other, you will make huge progress.
  10. Train with joy
    If the joy of movement, adventure and coming to grips with your body is your driving force, then you are on the right track to making this year really successful.