Substantially increase your strength

Roman Koch

Autumn is right around the corner and with it comes a new training exercise: strength work! In just a short period of time, you can efficiently lay the foundations for next season and bring diversity to your daily exercise routine.

This home-based strength training program has a few basic requirements: it is carried out as a circuit, each exercise lasts 45 seconds with a 15-second break as you move on to the next exercise. The exercises are carried out in three rounds with no rest between rounds. This adds up to 18 minutes in total.

The following six exercises comprehensively work the entire body. By completing the three rounds in succession with only short breaks, this turns the entire training exercise into a mini endurance session.

1. Kettlebell crunches

Here’s how: Lie on your back on a mat. Hold a weight (kettlebell) in one hand. Begin with the elbow of the arm holding the weight bent at a right angle. Keep the other arm outstretched by your side. Keep both legs flat on the ground. While keeping both legs straight, lift them towards the ceiling while also lifting the hand holding the weight and the outstretched arm so that both feet and hands are outstretched towards the ceiling. Then, lower your legs and arms back towards the ground but without touching it. Repeat the exercise.


Take note: Keep your back stable and do not sink too far into the hollow of the back when lowering your legs. Your legs and arms should move in unison and be well coordinated.

2. Superman diagonal

Here’s how: Lie on your stomach on a mat. Stretch both arms out in front of you. Now, lift both arms and legs off the floor slightly. At the same time, lift your head while looking straight down at the mat. Next, lift one arm and the opposite leg up as far as they will go, then swap sides. Keep your legs and arms raised off the ground throughout the entire exercise.


Take note: Perform the raises slowly and in a controlled fashion. Always keep your face pointing down. Avoid excessive hollowing of the back by tensing your stomach muscles slightly.

3. T push-up

Here’s how: Start in the default push-up position. Perform one push-up. Now, lift one hand off the ground and rotate the upper body and pelvis sideways towards the ceiling and stretch this arm out above you. Keep both feet on the ground. Return to the starting position, perform a push-up, then rotate the body to the opposite side and repeat.


Take note: Keep your body in a straight line during the push-up. Slowly raise and lower the arm in a controlled fashion.

4. Overhead Good Morning

Here’s how: Start by standing with your feet hip-width apart. Keep your back straight and arms outstretched towards the ceiling. Keep your knees slightly bent and firmly grounded. While keeping your back straight and arms outstretched above your head, bend forwards from the hips as far as you can go. Keep your back straight at all times.


Take note: Don’t allow your back to round off, always keep your knees slightly bent. Keep arms outstretched next to your head.

5. One-armed bear stance

Here’s how: Begin on all fours with your hands under your shoulders and knees directly below your hips. Lift your knees off the ground slightly. Shift your weight onto your supporting arm and stretch the other arm out to your side.  Then, return the hand to the ground, shift your weight to the other side and stretch the other arm out to the side. Repeat this exercise moving from left to right.


Take note: Keep your back straight. The weight should only shift from side to side. Keep your arms and legs evenly loaded.

6. Jumping lunges

Here’s how: Begin in a deep lunge position. Keep both knees bent at around 90° with the rear knee hovering slightly above the ground. Keep your upper body straight, both feet facing forwards with the front knee positioned directly over the front foot. Now, jump up into the air as fast as you can, swap legs and return to a lunge position on the opposite side. Change leg position with each leap.


Take note: Keep your feet and knees facing forwards and don’t let them buckle to the side.

Foto: Studio Stock