Interview with Mike Aigroz

18. December 2019

Photo: Iwan Schuwey

The former triathlete, who took 6th place at the 2011 Hawaii Ironman, became Swiss Trail Champion this summer at Trail Verbier-St.Bernard.

After your successful triathlon career, you devoted yourself to trail running. How was your experience at the Swiss Championships? Can you tell us about your race and the emotions you felt?

I didn't think I'd win this race before the start given my physical condition, I knew that I could do 40km at a good pace, but my head decided otherwise. Over the next 35 km, my body was subjected to my total, albeit slightly rusty determination, but as they say "breaking fibre is like riding a bike", you just don't forget. But it really hurts! At the finish, I had a nice cold beer with my friends, felt that I had given my all (once again) and that's largely why I was happy and proud to have won the title. Just a little note to self: Having a sports goal is important to stay motivated, accepting the ageing process would be better and much easier, but then again maybe not ;-)

Many runners toy with the idea of taking part in a trail race. What are your three most important tips for making this project a success?

  • Endurance sports are all about life balance and not obsession.
  • Your body is the mechanical transmission for your mind, so take care of it!
  • Don't be all talk and no action...

As Sports Director of the Lausanne Triathlon, you will continue to be closely involved in the triathlon. What are the biggest challenges from the organiser's point of view?

My boss! No, seriously, I have 2 separate jobs within the 2019 Lausanne Triathlon World Championships organisation. First of all, managing the budget, not very glamorous but nevertheless an essential condition to make sure this Triathlon is sustainable.

On the sports side I've worked with an incredible team, without whom this race could not have taken place. This team is made up of highly skilled sport enthusiasts from the various departments of the city of Lausanne. Under these conditions, nothing is impossible and if you add the will to do things properly, then you always get solutions to every challenge. The 2019 race has been a great sporting success and a fantastic human experience, so it is up to us to capitalise on the good vibes for the future Lausanne Triathlon.

You really know the triathlon scene. How has the sport developed in recent years? And what about the athletes' requirement profiles?

The density of high level athletes (ITU and IRONMAN) has increased further in recent years thanks to the professionalism of the athletes and structures. I'm always so keen to follow top athletes' performances, and I have so much admiration and respect for people who never give up despite the inevitable ordeals that present themselves in high level sports.

Do you have a secret tip you would be willing to share with us?

The secret is that there is not real truth in sport! Everybody has their beliefs, mine are: Sex, NO Drugs and Rock & Run

Foto: ZVG